Faber’s Bicycle Museum Services


Specializing in providing museum services for private bicycle collectors.  I can travel to the client’s location to perform services, or the bicycle can be shipped to me in Fort Jones.  Most of the time I work with the client where the bicycle is normally stored and I provide the necessary tools and materials that are needed for the job.  Research time, travel time and consultation time are estimated by me prior to any work being performed, estimates are free of charge.

Services include:

  • Repairs
  • Product Identification
  • Project Evaluation
  • Appraisals
  • Fabrication or modification of component parts
  • Design Evaluation
  • Locating parts

Over 40 years experience as a proprietor of a family bicycle business. Apprenticed under my father Paul A. LaRiviere, Owner and Operator of Valley Bike Shop in Castro Valley, CA and Branciforte Bicycle Shop in Santa Cruz, CA. Certified Bicycle Mechanic and Bicycle Assembler.  Curator of the Faber’s Cyclery Museum in San Jose for 14 years, an important resource of bicycle history and reference materials spanning over a century. Worked at the historic Fabers Cyclery, an early Schwinn dealership in San Jose, which was established in 1912. Owner and Operator  of Faber’s Cyclery, and Curator of the Faber’s Cyclery Museum Archives in Fort Jones, CA.   Specializing in working on all types of bicycles, experience includes; repairing, assembly, rebuilding, reconditioning, customizing, sales of parts and bicycles, designing, fabrication and restoration of historical bicycles and product identification and research.



Bikes For Sale:



This 1978 original yellow classic Schwinn Town and Country Adult Tricycle is a rare find. Original paint, chrome and basket with handles. It is in excellent running condition. This 1978 model Town and Country Trike is equipped with a rear differential and a rear chain guard, which make it a true classic among the Schwinn Product Line. Priced at only $1,000.00, you can own a piece of American history and nostalgia that can be used every day and have fun at the same time. The quality workmanship and engineering technology that went into the 1978 original classic Schwinn Tricycle will stand the test of time. Not only is this trike designed for general use by a family, but a disabled person would be much better suited to this trike as compared to other adult tricycles which are currently available. Because of the differential driving both rear wheels, it is simply easier for an elderly or handicapped person to maintain control while turning, the product is more forgiving to a novice skilled user. The currently available tricycles are only driven by a single rear drive wheel. The quality which is found within the safety design of the rear chain guard also sets this tricycle apart from many other adult tricycles, in that it protects small children and animals from the rear chain pinch point area, in the event that they get placed into the rear basket. The over-all high quality workmanship of the components makes this Schwinn easy to service and maintain.



This 2016 custom blue Summit adult Tricycle is ready for family use or to be used by the elderly or handicapped. It is designed so that children and small animals cannot access the rear chain pinch point area through the rear basket. It comes with a heavy duty rear basket which is bolted to the frame. It has a 3 speed with one rear brake and a front brake. It has a life time guarantee on the frame and a year warranty on the parts. Although it is not equipped with a differential, as long as the user knows that it needs to be operated at a slow speed of approximately 5 mph in turns, they should be fine. Because the 2016 Summit adult tricycle is not equipped with a differential the user needs to be warned that it should be operated at approximately 5 mph, and that its ability to efficiently turn and brake is reduced as compared to the original classic Schwinn Town and Country Tricycle, but it also is much less expensive, it is only $600.00. This custom adult 3 wheeler comes with a welded on rear chain guard, which protects the pinch point area under the rear basket. This model is available in blue, red or champagne colors. Order yours today!




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Uncle Albert loved riding bicycles!



Anthony Peter LaRiviere, born April 19 1960, he passed away on July 12, 2016.  Anthony assisted me and many other people in working on bicycles at Branciforte Bicycle Shop in Santa Cruz, CA (1970’s thru 1980’s) and at Faber’s Cyclery in San Jose, CA (1978 thru 2013) and at Faber’s Cyclery in Fort Jones, CA (2013 up to July 12, 2016).  Anthony was a great mechanic and was a wizard when it came to working on the old bikes.  Everyone who knew him would remember his wonderful and great kindness, charm and sense of humor.  Anthony served an apprenciship under me starting while he was going to school at Branciforte Junior High School.  Anthony was the first vocational bicycle shop student within the Santa Cruz Educational System, he was my first student, he was trained in the area of bicycle shop mechanics and shop operation.  Anthony later became the owner and operator of Faber’s Cyclery in San Jose.  Anthony was responsible for saving and assembling much of the resourse materials of Faber’s Cyclery Musem that are of great value to collectors .  Anthony’s knowledge and experience were priceless, he will be missed for a long time to come.